round is a small wood fired heater
allowing for best-in-class heat storage characteristics,
round is handbuilt and assembled in Lower Austria


round's handcrafted ceramic facing allows for many ceramic and artistic forms and ideas.

If you have any questions, please let us know - we are happy to help.


round data

  • outside diameter 55 cm
    overall weight ca. 500 kg

  • fire-door with double-glazing

    low glass surface temperatures

  • best-in-class heat storage components

    heating capacity up to 2,7 KW  when being heated periodically –

    using 3 to 5 kg of dry firewood every 6 hours

  • round is prepared for external combustion air tubes. it fits perfect low energy- or passive houses

  • optionally equipped with electronic combustion air control
  • Overall height min. 180 cm from finished floor level 

  • Chimney connection pipe of 12,5 cm diameter 

    axial height indication is 156 cm from finished floor level (for a standard stove height layout)

  • standard height layout out of min. 12 ceramic rings stacked dryly

    additional top ceramic ring/s easily possible, please confer with us

    optional ornamental ring/s  

    optional handcrafted decoration alternatively graphic lines or text, please confer with us

  • We offer many glaze colors, please confer with us

  • accessories:
    glass or metal floor protection, upholstered seating bench, metal or wooden fire-wood storage compartment